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I thought long and hard about who I wanted on my team @kpopandkimchi and this is my team. Hopefully we can survive the month without losing anyone to the zombie hoards! LOL! Zombie Squad... Assemble!
The Muscle ~ Minho!
The Brains ~ Taecyeon!
The Scaredy Cat ~ HongKi!
Secret Weapon ~ Yoseob!
The Protector/ Mother ~ Suho!
The Co-Captain ~ Heenim
I feel pretty good about my choices right now. ^u^ Most if not all can be double purpose too which is useful when the whole world is going to hell in a handbag!
Mmmmm... I'm feeling your muscle and brain selection.
@KiKi29 right?! a lil eye candy won't hurt during the zombie apocalypse will it?
@KellyOConnor Not at all! Might as well have something to do.
I have Taecyeon as my brains also...he is very smart (and super hot)....and I have Minho as my protector.