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This is why I don't go on Tumblr late at night
LOOK AT THIS LITTLE SHIT Hitting me with feels at 1am I don't even listen to EXO but this little shit comes along and makes the thirst real. (I just recently discovered he has an inner stripper XD)
There was just an appreciation post on my dash and I wanted to flip an damn table. He's like my secret bias I don't talk about him, don't even listen to him, he's just there T^T
Let's try for some sleep Night lovelies
@PassTheSuga Lord help me
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The second gif is EVERYTHING
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@aabxo I'm with you there, sis..... THAT SECOND GIF....WHAT THE HELL DID I EVER DO TO YOU, Xiumin? Here I am....living my life and stuff....and you come at me like that??
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@PassTheSuga I don't mind the invasion ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Bring it Xiumin bahaha
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@aabxo Dont tempt me to invade!
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