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Since its origin in the late 19th century, pizza has remained the food that people all over the world have kept close to their hearts.
But what if you could keep it REALLY close?
Like, a ziplock bag around your neck close?
Fortunately for all of us, that dream can now become a reality with the aid of Stupidiotic's brand new Portable Pizza Pouch. For a cool $8, you can visit their website and purchase the necklace - essentially a slice-shaped ziplock hanging from a lanyard strap.
According to the official product description, the Portable Pizza Pouch comes with special magic powers, adding that "Just wearing this Pizza Pouch will instantly make you more popular and attractive."
Good looks AND pizza? Hey, I'm down.
So far, the Portable Pizza Pouch has enjoyed stellar reviews, which makes sense because, you know, it's pizza.
Time Magazine sees great potential for the Pizza Pouch as an upcoming fashion trend: "It’s an accessory that seems appropriate for all occasions."
Huntington Post sees it as a valuable lifestyle change: "Friends come and go, and delivery may fail, but a Portable Pizza Pouch will never, ever leave you cheese-less."

But what do you all think about it? Will you be buying a Portable Pizza Pouch?

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@danidee It is worth a try. Because that "on the go" hunger is no joke! A portable slice of pizza would, in fact, be awesome right about now.
I dono I Dono I DONO!!!
@alywoah We're like food soulmates 99% of the time.
I purposely put fresh hot pizza in the fridge to get it cold. yumm
@alywoah YES. I love cold pizza too. Arguably more than I like hot pizza.
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