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Here we go!! My team! Alpha team!!
1.) THE MUSCLE - The tiger= Mr. capable- Jong Kook- super strong & fast, all MUSCLES for sure. with him, I will survive. nothing can really take this beast done! ( THIS IS SPARTA!!!)
2.) THE BRAINS- Big bang G-Dragon: Smart, very smart, smexy, awesome. He's the brains of the operation and his first priority is always his team. Could also be co-captain.
3.) THE SCAREDY CAT - either 2pm Taecyeon or GOT7 jackson(maybe both): they both get easily scared of certain things. Just look. They may seem tough & they are but they're scaredy cats . They won't be able to handle zombies.
4.) THE SECRET WEAPON- Big bang T.O.P- you never know what this man is going to do or say. skilled. BTS jimin ("what about me?!") wants to be the secret weapon and jungkook is also a good choice, he the ace, golden maknae. ....soooo hard to choose but T.O.P wins. lol XD
5.) THE PROTECTOR/MOTHER- BTS Jin: he takes care of his members caring, sweet, handy, yet is strong and fierce. smexy cute! O.O Dat hit tho, poor V!
6.) CO- CAPTAIN- GOT7 JB: He puts his teammates first, smart & strong. Is a protector, has the brains, the muscles, leadership, and a little bit of a scaredy cat, but may try to hide it. My got7 bias. lol aint't he cute!? He so happy to be co-captain. XD He will call most of the shots.
and meeee! I'll be making sure my time survives, while freaking out and being lazy and loving my team! I get tired to easily. we'd always be running away, leaving, escaping. I will destroy anything in my way and protect my team, my lovely kittens & pups. shoot I'm out! peace! May the best team win!!! ~L
@KiKi29 Oh really? COOl. Hehe yeah Taecyeon is a big scary, smexy baby. X] that's funny being scared of sheep...keke. Jaebum is amazing, I had trouble placing him for the reason that he'd be good in any part of the team.
Oh wow! We picked some of the same people. Isn't Taecyeon a big baby? Just a big scary, sexy baby. Scared of sheep... Pfft! Bye, boy. I picked Jaebum as my secret weapon. I think he'd be good as any part of the team.
I have a couple of the same also. I have Taecyeon as my brains, as he is super smart (like nerdy smart).