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I'm only 25, but I'm a huge old skool hip hop fan. what I was raised on. I think this museum is an amazing idea and I would def go visit. I can get why they are putting it in the Bronx, I kinda wish it was in harlem though. but than again , I understand that the history originated in the "boogie down".
I'm a true hip hop Head.has been since the early 1980's.. but this is VERY SAD.........and did he say it will focus on "Factology" WTF IS THAT? It's like the uncle that threw 3 touchdowns at his home coming football game 45 years ago and that was the highlight of his life, he was planning to go Pro but ended up working in the town Pickle factory, never went to college, has 5 kids and lives with his 90 year old mother... In thier day these guys were great but now they are null and void, they lost the talent as we all do as we age, but they cannot "Bow out Gracefully". Yes you started this rap sh#& true... but your day is gone, and nobody cares to read about it or pay to see old "shell toe" addidas on display (this is what B-Boys wore in the 1980's) who gives a F$÷=, get a job and move on....Your obsolete... We all will get there in the professions we once dominated.. pass the torch and stop talking about what you did 35 years ago! (I would be LMAO...but this is to sad for that)....moment of silence LMAO!
this is exciting!!!!
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