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For decades, teachers have used project-based learning to teach their students important practical skills. This method can be even more effective with the help of modern web applications. Both teachers and students will save time and achieve better results with the apps presented here.
Brainstorming is much more effective when you write down your ideas, organize them and evaluate them. This is what this tool will help you with. It can be used for the preliminary work on both individual and group projects. You can use it online or download the Android or iOS app. All versions are free.
Everyone needs help with planning and organizing projects and this application can provide it. It enables you to organize, store and view images, videos and other types of content. It is ideal for concept generation and for more practical things such as the creation of a gallery. It is available for $4.99 from the Apple Store.
This is a powerful template-based tool for multimedia project. It can be used for making presentations and digital posters as well. It allows students to get highly creative while being easy to use. This application can be used online for free. You can also download the free Glog reader from the Apple Store.
4. Pixton
With this app, students can create comics and storyboards. It is ideal for creative projects as it is colorful and has lots of fun and useful features including templates and images. Teachers can take advantage of a free trial. The license rate is charged per month per student. Longer subscription results in lower monthly rate.
This tool enables you to create interactive timelines with the help of images, videos and even Google Maps and Google Earth. It is fantastic for projects in history, geography, natural sciences and many other disciplines. There is also a free light app for iOS devices.
It is easy to create digital projects and project presentations with the help of this tool. You can use a slideshow or a video for the purpose. There are great editing features especially for images and videos. You can get the Android or iOS app for free.
This is an advanced Apple app for video editing costing $1.99. With it, you can adjust the flow of the video and mix different clips. You can also add text, photos and even voiceover to a video.
This is a fun tool for creating image-based slideshows with voiceover. You can use the application online or download it from the Apple Store. Both versions are free.
You can play a lot with this application as it enables you to add voice comments to various types of media. It is great for making projects and presentations more fun. You can use it online or download the mobile version from the Apple store for free.
You can tell a story in an interesting and impressive way with this tool. It has templates for creating short or long stories with the help of visual narrative and soundtrack. It is available for free online and as an app for iOS devices.
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