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The countdown rolls on. Today's installment of the 30 Days of Halloween centers on Disney Costumes! I know there are a lot of Disney fans here on Vingle, so today let's explore some fun ideas for Halloween based on your favorite characters.
Here are 6 ideas based on alternate characters / alternate versions of characters.

Hipster Ariel is a super easy way to channel your favorite undersea mermaid!

How cute is this costume: Russell from "UP!"

It's pretty creative and won't take that much effort. All you need is a big backpack, some creative badges and the basic outfit. Very very adorable!

Ezma and Kronk are always in fashion.

I love The Emperor's New Groove, and I've always wanted to be Ezma for Halloween. All you need is a purple dress and a headpiece.

Cruella DeVille is a scary and fashionable option.

A little black dress and Dalmatian print accessories will do the trick. Of course you're not Cruella without the two tone gray and black wig.

Lauren Conrad nailed this modern Mary Poppins.

Easy as a black skirt and white shirt. Umbrella for added fun and red accessories. It's a great last minute idea too.

The funny little girl from Finding Nemo is always a good option.

That sweatshirt is key, you'll have to do a bit of DIYing, but I think it's worth it. All you need is a little Nemo and you're ready to go.
haha. great costume. better childhood.
Hahaha I love these!! Especially the scary little girl from Finding Nemo. I NEVER would have thought of that πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ such a clever costume idea!
I love these ideas!