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I am not sure where I first heard about chupacabras, but maybe it's just one of those things you just grew up hearing about. Sort of like vampires, werewolves, and bigfoot in the certain areas of the world -- Puerto Rico has their monsters, too.
Chupacabras have sort of the same kind of concept of a vampire -- chupacabras feed on blood. They typically feed on livestock, but they are better known for sucking the blood from goats. Although chupacabras are believed to be real in Puerto Rico, the story of this frightening beast lingers in other Latin American countries as well. And these things definitely look like pure monsters. There isn't an inch of human in these beings.
They are described as appearing dog-like, with large fangs, and spikes on their back.
In 2004, One rancher near San Antonio, Texas claimed to have seen a chupacabra. The creature was described as a hairless dog-like creature. According to DNA, researchers were able to determine that this creature was actually a coyote with demodectic or sarcoptic mange.

What is "mange" anyway?

Mange is a skin disease that is caused by parasitic mites. It causes itching, hair loss, and the formation of scabs and lesions. When it affects coyotes,
A coyote with mange is a very sick animal -- the skin changes may also cause blindness, impaired hearing, and difficulty in eating.
But people are describing an animal much different. The chupacabra is described to be a very powerful and strong creature. Brazilian witnesses in 1999 claimed to have seen a chupacabras with monkey-hind legs, that can also fly and jump high.
Hm, doesn't sound like a sick coyote to me...

Hope you have a happy, scary Halloween!

Ahhhhh I remember learning about the Chupacabra in Spanish class!! I've always been obsessed with mythical creatures haha. I had a BIG loch ness monster phase when I was a teenager... am I crazy? Lol
Lol not crazy. It seems like a lot of people learned about the Chupacabra in a Spanish class...that's interesting