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What a time to be alive!

I bet this would be useful for fanfic writers as well as top notch fan girls. But here we go. Onto my results because I'm always a slut for imaginary scenarios as long as they go how I want them to. ;)
Boyfriend: Jackson
MAN! I really GOT1 in the bag if you know what I mean.
Crush: Youngjae
What can I say? I'm drawn to sunshine smiles.
Best Friend: Jackson
I'd hope that me and my boyfriend would be best friends! Or else that would be so awkward.
First Kiss: Yugyeom
Oh... well, Jackson, you see here.. I couldn't help myself. I mean, he is all legs. That's hard to turn down.
Ice Cream Thief: Jackson
Woah, now. I know I kissed Yugyeom but this is so uncalled for. How old are we? 5?
V-Card Thief: Jinyoung
He called himself momma. Turns out that shit is kind of hot.
Had Kids With: BamBam
Well.. you see... this is what happens when you wear that choker around me. Can you honestly blame me? I was weak.
Husband: Youngjae
And it's always nice coming back to the crushes, man. Youngjae is an excellent father to the kids even if they aren't his.
Secret Admirer: Jinyoung
There's no shame mommy-- I mean, Jinyoung. You can crush on me, but you can't have me. We have to set ground rules.
Jealous One: Jinyoung
It's to be expected, really. But Youngjae treats us nice. Could you honestly do that? Didn't think so. There can only be one mommy here.
@ChelseaJay this is for you.
lmfao. i love you so much. your reactions though.
@MorganElisabeth you can put him in a Choker, but he'll never give you food. Probably gave it to Jackson after he realized he was single. JACKBAM 5EVER LOL!
@ChelseaJay they should have. my fictional pregnancy cravings ain't no joke.
Did at least Mark or JB buy you food? lol
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