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Oh, puns. You make me smile. And groan. Hehe. Here are some funny food puns I found around the internetz, to bring a little foodie smile to everyone's day :)
We gonna party like it's Sherbert Day!
Wow. Someone actually went through the necessary effort to carve a potato into a couch. I'm very impressed at their dedication to puns.
Teeheehee. I like the happy little grater man.
If I eat one of these, do I get an extra life?
This one's so horrible and yet so awesome. Hahaha.
This flan was clearly made by a gangster.
As much as I love the pun, this image scares the crap outta me.
Ahh, that's better.
Har har har har.
Food states!! These are pretty good haha. Scroll to see more. (Sorry Kaleifornia repeats itself; I just really liked "Swissconsin" hahaha.)
Mexican food would hate me after Valentine's Day, because I would send one of these to nachos, burrito, tacos, Chipotle, Taco Bell, chalupas, sopapillas, taquitos... I just wanna get jalapeño everybody's business.
Aha, I see what you did there!
:D Udon noodles are so cute when they're angry!!
Aww. Sorry you're having problems, Nacho. Taco's just trying to help!
You mean to tell me this ISN'T where pineapples come from?!?!
Awwww. This one's just cute.
Aaaaand this one's my favorite. I lol'd. I'm a nerd.
Hope you enjoyed!! :D
Sexy turnip!
I have to admit, I'm a little attracted to the turnip with it's come hither look. Lol!
I actually follow the pub food states on Instagram and I love them :) food puns are the best
These are great. So cute and funny! :D
You are the purveyor of perfect punnery
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