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How To Choose A Bias in Seventeen: A Guide by Morgan


you don't.


look at step one and accept your fate.
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RIGHT?! I was totally fine with Vernon but then saw Woozi but then heard Joshua speak and then S.Coups dyed his hair black and I just keep dying
@kpopandkimchi oh my goodness I was sold on Minghao from day one. and then as I watched more videos of interviews and performances, Mingyu and Wonwoo kind of took over. and then Seungkwan came in like a wRECKING BALL and now he's currently tied for top with like 5 others. and Jisoo and Vernon kill me each time they speak English and Jisoo is just such a gentleman and then tHERE IS HOSHI AND DK flirting and falling asleep together and??? I have no life anymore.