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Today's Front Bottoms song of the day is brought to you by Serta. Just kidding, that was a terrible joke. But the song is titled Twin Size Mattress so I figured I should try to make a joke 'cause maybe then you'll listen to the song or something. You know what, forget it. Let me just get into it.
This song resonates with me because there's something about the lyrics that remind me of the times I used to play in a band (we were never that good but we had so much energy and no where to put it). After one of our first shows on a stage, we had a conversation by his van. And he said he was leaving for a while for personal reasons. And I just wanted to pull him out of it and keep doing what we were doing. I know the lyrics don't directly match up with what happened to me, but I'll think of him every time I hear this song.

Notable Lyrics:

This is for the lions living in the wiry broke down frames of my friends bodies. When the flood water comes, it ain't gonna be clear. It’s gonna look like mud. But I will help you swim. I will help you swim. I'm gonna help you swim.

This is for the snakes and the people they bite; For the friends I’ve made; for the sleepless nights; For the warning signs I’ve completely ignored.There’s an amount to take, reasons to take more.It's no big surprise you turned out this way. When they close their eyes and prayed you would change and they cut your hair, and sent you away you stopped by my house the night you escaped. With tears in my eyes, I begged you to stay. You said, “Hey man, I love you but no fucking way”

I’m sure that we could find something for you to do on stage. Maybe shake a tambourine or when I sing, you sing harmonies.

@ButterflyBlu this is exactly why I'm running for office!
Maybe we need to start a Ghost Awareness program! I certainly don't want everyone hurting your feelings!
@ButterflyBlu you know, everyone seems to forget that ghosts were people once
Oh my goodness, Paul, that is just Awful!! I'd be upset, too, if people did that to me! I'd probably start throwing them out, myself...but I understand that takes a lot of energy, doesn't it? Too, you have to decide what kind of ghost you want to be - malicious or friendly. I had no idea how hard it is to be a ghost until you became one! I'd give you a hug, but I'm still a little bit unsure how that might work. >.> I don't mind you venting... Apparently, even a ghost needs someone to talk to!
Oh my gosh, sorry for that long comment @ButterflyBlu, I just started venting and couldn't stop.
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