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If you loved Mad Max, you'll love these two music videos.

The blockbuster film, released earlier this year, paired a brutal desert wasteland with kitschy vintage cars – and that's exactly what these music videos (one by David Guetta, one by K-pop group Big Bang) do, too.
Do you see the parallels?
What do you think? Did they pirate the film's idea in order to play off the things that are popular right now?
but yeah maybe they are not ripping it off but just love the movie so much that they added onto the music video? Is just my opinion please don't hate
@CreeTheOtaku Actually that's exactly what my non kpop friend said when I showed her bang bang bang!!! She said it was cool though not like ripping it off or something
@CreeTheOtaku 😂😂
@shannonl5 exactly
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