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For those of us lazy girls who want nothing more than to throw our hair into a pony tail and go!
Blake Lively made the pony tail chic again on the hit series Gossip Girl. We all watched it. Don't even kid yourself.
Here's how to get that effortless look in real life. Trust me! I've tried it!

Step 1: Tease

Okay, if you have naturally silky hair you're going to have to add some product. I love the Big Sexy Hair Powder Play product. Apply it to the crown of your head and rub it in. Then take a teasing comb or texturing brush and tease your hair a little bit from the tip back to the root.
This will give you the volume necessary to create the perfect pony tail.

Step 2: Add Curl

Blake's pony tail always has a bit of curl in it. It has texture. So take your curling iron or straightener, whichever you use to curl your hair and pick a few pieces. Curl at random. Then fluff it up for added texture and lock in with a light hairspray. I like the TIGI Rockaholic hairspray. It adds a lot of body and volume without a lot of weight.

Step 3. Bobby pin certain sections for volume

You can use certain sections of your hair for added volume. This will make the ponytail have more structure. All you have to do is Take a bobby pin and section off your hair in your part. On either side, push the hair toward your forehead and then twist in the bobby pin.

Step 4. Pull your hair into a pony tail.

You can pull it to the side or back. This is the easiest part!

Step 5. Pull out some pieces in the front and bam!

You've got a pony tail worthy of the Upper East Side!
Want more celebrity hair tricks?
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Xoxo gossip girl
maybe one day women (and men, alike) can learn how to be perfectly perfect like Blake. She is such a wonder to me! :)
so cute