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I can classify people in this world into three categories. Those who love white carrot cake, those who love black carrot cake, and those who think carrot cake is a cake with carrot filling Carrot cake or Chai Tao Kway is a common dish or dim sum of Teochew cuisine in Chaoshan (China), Singapore and Malaysia, consisting of stir-fried cubes of radish cake. Like I mentioned previously, it's kinda of misconception since people thought it is a cake with carrot flavor. There is no carrot in carrot cake . Radish is the main ingredient, which is in Singapore, it is more commonly cut into pieces and stir fried with eggs, garlic, spring onion and occasionally dried shrimp. Singapore fried carrot cake has two variants. The white and the black. The "white" version does not use sweet soy sauce, and the carrot cake is fried on top of a beaten egg to form a crust; the "black" version uses sweet sauce (molasses) and the egg is simply mixed in with the carrot cake. If you don't like sweet, choose white. If you do, go with the black . They also will add chlili if you like your food spicy. Some useful words you might want to use White - Pai Black - Hei Chili plz - Yao La No chili - Pu Yao La The best carrot cake I have tasted so far is the one in Katong area. 5 mins walk from Holy Family Church .They open quite early and close before noon. During weekend, you can see fried carrot cake served in every table there. A sign that you do come to the right place . Haha For me, $3 white spicy carrot cake + teh tarek definitely makes my day :) How about you ? Location Katong Jago’s Carrot Cake Fu Sen Eating House 228 East Coast Road Opening Hours: 6AM-12PM (Monday-Saturday), 6AM-1PM (Sunday) Closed on: Tuesdays Price : S$2.5, S$3 , S$4 source: