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So back with results from another game. These are my babies okay. I love every single one of them. Jonghyun is my ult bias (bless his soul), but Taemin is my SHINee bias. (I KNOW, I KNOW. IT MAKES NO SENSE BUT THAT'S HOW MY HEART IS!) Once again I have not seen the results yet, so I am hopping for no trolling. WISH ME LUCK!
Bestfriend: Minho Crush: Minho Secret Admirer: Jonghyun Steals Your Ice Cream >:]: Minho Fling With: Jonghyun Takes You Out: Onew Takes You To The Bahamas: Jonghyun Boyfriend: Key Have Children With: Onew Husband: Onew This game really loves to leave my poor maknaes out of the lineup, but I always get back it at.
*Above is an accurate depiction of me judging fictional me in that exact order. [16 YO] Minho and I met when he transfered to my school aftwr he was accepted into the basketball program. We quickly became close friends and I developed a crush on him. After some time of giving off hints and no indication of his feelings being requited, I slowly got over my crush on him. [17 YO] After a year of friendship, Minho decided to introduce me to his friends at the local ice cream shop. There I met Jonghyun and Onew. They seemed like nice people and I wanted to get to know them more so we stayed and had ice cream. Minho ended up stealing my ice cream, so Jonghyun was nice and bought me some more. A few months later, I went to a party with Jonghyun. I'd had a few drinks that turned out to be spike and one thing lead to another. The following morning I made it clear to Jonghyun that it was a one time thing and that it couldn't happen again because I didn'twant it to affect our friendship. He seemed a bit taken aback at first, but he quickly recovered and assured me that it was fine and not to worry. [18 YO] I was waiting for Minho to get out of basketball with Jonghyun and Onew when Onew asked me out on a date. Jonghyun and I were both equally shocked as the question from Onew had come out of the blue, but after the both of us recovered I kindly accepted. The date with Onew ended up being amazing, it was everything I never knew that I wanted and I realized that I actually liked Onew a lot. Onew and I talked a lot after that though we didn't have anymore dates because we were busy with final exams and preparing for graduation. Shortly before graduation, Jonghyun invited me to go with him to the Bahamas after graduation. Not thinking anything of it, I accepted knowing Minho would be going to Basketball Camp and Onew had a family vacation so I would be lonely if I stayed home. During the trip, Jonghyun confessed his feelings to me leaving me deeply conflicted. I knew had deep feelings for Onew but I didn't want to hurt Jonghyun's feelings or ruin their friendship. So after we returned home I broke things off with Onew and rejected Jonghyun's feelings as nicely as possible explaining to both of them that it would be better if we were just friends. [19 YO] Even though months had passed after my split with Onew, I still missed him deeply so I decided that the beat way to get over him would be to date someone else. After explainingthw situation to a friend, she set me up on a blind date where I met Key. We hit it off and began dately shortly after but my feelings for Onew never faded. We lasted for exactly 5 months before the both of us decided that we would be better off as friends. Emotions running wild, I showed up at Onew door that night and confused my true feelings to him. He returned my feelings and we shared a night of passion resulting in the birth of twin boys, Ren (NU'EST baby yeah!) & Taemin, 9 months later. [20 YO] I introduced Key and Jonghyun to each other at the homecoming of me and the twins. They started dating shortly after (happy ending for everyone, YES!). [21 YO] Onew and I got married with Minho as my "Maid of Honor" and Jonghyun as his best man. We all had a good time.
Can y'all tell how good I am right now. Like this story is bae. Taemin is bae. Everybody is bae. You are bae. @AimeeH @MorganElisabeth
@AimeeH I couldn't resist. My phone keeps trolling me when it comes to the Maknaes.
@AimeeH even though I had to turn my ult bias down, I was somewhat okay with the fact that I married Onew.
@AimeeH Thanks. Fictional me is so oblivious to Jonghyun's feelings though real me probably would be too.
@ChelseaJay omg I love this! ^●^ Nice job!!
@AimeeH & @MorganElisabeth I'm not sure if it tagged you properly.
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