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It's the new normal.

About a decade ago, if you would've told your best friend that you met a guy online she probably would've talked you out of it. Nowadays, it's just what people do. A lot of relationships have started from the web now they're here [cues Drake]. When it comes to online dating, it's extremely easy to be yourself [or somebody else] because you're behind a computer screen. You don't have to worry about being embarrassed or having butterflies just yet, which can definitely be a plus in most cases.
It sounds easy, at least easier than meeting the classic way, but online dating still has a few bumps. That's expected though, right? Nothing worth having comes easy, you have to work for it and the same goes for online dating. In order to draw in the subject, sometimes you have to follow a few guidelines. If you're considering trying online dating or if you're currently online dating, check out these tips [below] shared by former What Not to Wear host and style expert Clinton Kelly and online dating guru Devyn Simone. They might just save your blossoming relationship.
1 - "It's not about finding the "best guy" — it's about finding the best guy for YOU, so think about the qualities that are important to you. Online dating is full of options, so keep your eye on the prize and only respond to the guys who seem in line with the ideal person you're looking for."
2 - "Don't over-sex your photos with revealing outfits. Boobs are fine in moderation, but don't lead with your chest."
3 - "Avoid crazy or kooky pictures and photos that are out of date or misleading. The you in your junior year of college or the you 20 pounds ago isn't an accurate representation of who you are."
4 - "Speaking of pictures, the four key photos are an action shot doing something you love, a social shot of you hanging with friends, a full-body shot, and a headshot with great lighting."
5 - "In addition to photos, you should share just enough information to spark a conversation — so nothing you wouldn't share with someone sitting next to you on a plane. No one wants to read your whole life story before they meet you."
6 - "Stay true to your style! Your pictures should be a snapshot of the different sides of you, but at least one needs to look like you put some effort into your appearance. Be the best version of yourself — not the ratty t-shirt and jeans you wear around the house on the weekend."
7 - "As for makeup, a profile photo should be an authentic representation of you, so be true to what you normally do. Still, though, a little lip gloss and mascara goes a long way!"
8 - "If you can't think of anything nice or interesting to say about yourself on your profile, have a friend say it for you. They can be great at pointing out positive qualities you didn't know you had."
9 - "No person is one-dimensional, so don't create a profile that only shows one side of you. Highlight the different parts of your personality and things you like to do with your pictures and your content."
10 - "Remember, you have control over what you're putting out to the world. If you don't like the results you're getting, then switch things up – add new photos, change up content. Have a game plan, know your dealbreakers, and be prepared. After all, you never know when you'll have a date with destiny."

Follow these steps and you'll he nothing to worry about.

Happy online dating.
@jordanhamilton But if you got it, flaunt it!
Damn I keep breaking #2
Hahahahaha @EddiePozo I just saw this. Damn you, always leading with the chest... you know it drives us girls wild!! XD @jordanhamilton I'm glad you shared these, all really great tips :) I will definitely share this with friends who are just starting out in the online dating world!!
@jordanhamilton Lol I'd be a horrible female then XD Good tips though, especially 1 + 4
anytime :) @Maxius
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