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I'm a urban dweller. I live in a busy, yet charming city. As a student, I'm filled up with my study and other's expectations of my life. I gradually have less and less time to do things that I like, and even forget what are my interests. When I'm repeating my life all over and over again, I want to get a life, a nerdy one.

Choose 3 books in a small library and spend an hour reading them.

Let youself conversate with the books. Let yourself mesmerized into the words. Let yourself think, about your life and other's life. Reading is the best way to consolidate your life's experience and to get a life, a real, aware one.

Go the the stationary shop. Choose some stationary and explain very clearly why do you need them.

For example, buy a thick notebook and decide you'll keep a habit to write every day. Or buy a stretch book and determine you'll practice your illustrations. Even buy a clip and make up you mind to use the clip to clip your goals for the next year.
@nicolejb This passion for reading should definitely be kept! :)
totally! and now that I’m done with school, I’ve been reading a whole lot more. it’s the best feeling! @inlyric!
I know the student life! I’m not one now but when I was in school I used to look forward to when I would be able to read other books instead of just school books! it would be like a date with myself :)