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{APF} Sesshomaru VS. Inuyasha!

This week's Anime Poll Friday is a duel between two very handsome brothers who hate each other named Sesshomaru and Inuyasha! Thank you for the previous participation in last week's APF! Keep participating >...< I love participation!!!
Sesshomaru is a full demon that all the girls like, he may seem cold towards everyone but is kind to one little girl named Rin, even though he hates humans, he saves her... He despises Inuyasha because he's only a half demon and hates his own mother because she's a human. Sesshomaru has a sword that saves peoples lives which he used on Rin to save her. He cares for some people he just doesn't show it, a serious guy, beautiful silver hair but sadly no dog ears. Girls still love his cold hearted yet good looking demon self!
Inuyasha is a half demon, he was mean in the beginning so he could get what he wanted but grows to like the people around him, he was always looked down upon for being a half demon and he can take the form on different occasions as a full demon and a full human. He has the most awesome sword I've ever seen in an anime called the Tetsiaga which can take many forms. Inuyasha has a big heart, dog ears, silver hair, funny and cares for others! If anyone knows me on vingle, they may know that Inuyasha is my favorite anime and Inuyasha himself is my favorite anime guy, I love him so much, I think he's perfect! Therefore my vote goes to Inuyasha! I know some people like Sesshomaru and some like Inuyasha, but who will be the real Victor? @VinMcCarthy @WilsonRivera @AkiraCondry @NerukaWong @poojas @RosePark @SunnyV @JessicaChaney @chris98vamg @ashleykpop @KhrystinaLee @corinazurk @Arellano1052 @bribarbour99 @merryjayne13 @DanRodriguez @JessicaChaney @AdiaJasinski @LayLayPoe @VixenViVi @RaquelArredondo @BambiGray @JustinaNguyen @ButterflyBlu @sherrysahar @AimeeH @BFP1916 @chandnip804 @caitlind9898 @Akberg
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I'll go with Inuyasha ^^
For me it well be sesshomaru
Team Sesshoumaru. I like his attitude and undercover caring side. I just wish he had fluffy ears like Inuyasha. πŸ˜„
I love Inuyasha but Sesshomaru is just to great of a character for me not to like :P Team Sesshomaru (today anyway lol)
I soo love inuyasha but I also love seshomaru if I have to choose one seshomaru I Just love the way he talks and pass his hands through his hair.
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