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So I'm starting something new. I'm going to start posting cards about learning Japanese. And this card is all about basic Hiragana vowels. I will post them one vowel at a time so your not overwhelmed. The first box on the left is box (1), then right next to it on the right is (2), then (3) is under box (1), and box (4) is under box (2). Leave which number you think is right in the comments below. I'll tag @RobertMarsh @poojas just to get things started and because I can't remember any names. Message me if you want to be tagged in the next post.
For those who responded with box 1 you are correct. @poojas @clamshell123 @JeremyBeaudet @wafflmeisterx10 @AnneH @kekers96 @meoutofme @Twitchy215 @HannahPrentiss (I'll give you credit since I get confused with 1 and 4 too)
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1 (is it cheating if I already know? XD)
2 years ago·Reply
I could even tell you the other characters lol
2 years ago·Reply
I luv to learn
2 years ago·Reply
how do i pronounce that?
2 years ago·Reply