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Awhile back I was talking to a guy who used to send me quotes daily. At first I thought they were his personal quotes and I will admit, I was on the verge of falling. Later on down the road he told me that they were coats from Rainbow Rowell's novel Eleanor & Park and he urged me to read the novel. To be completely honest, I never quite got around to reading the novel, but I did go on a scavenger hunt for quotes for quite some time. I immediately fell in love with the author and her prose, later realizing that I could honestly relate to each and every one of her quotes. Although, I haven't read any of her novels -- I have only heard good things and with that being said, I plan to read them in the near future. Whether you are a Rainbow Rowell fan or a new kid on the block [like I once was], keep scrolling for some heart warming and thought provoking quotes by the author herself.

Are you smiling with you heart yet?

Well, you should be.
@jordanhamilton I dig the quotes, I gotta write some of these down... this is really good stuff...DAMM I can't use em' on wrote the card...."Rats Foiled Again"!!! LOL
yes!!! once I finish the current book I'm into I'm going to scoop this one up and omg. I can totally relate and that is why that quote happens to be my favorite as well. I'm a homebody, so if a guy can get down with that than I will be totally head over heels @ButterflyBlu
haha, use them on me though? lol I'm flattered @itiswhatitis365
OMG! I am super delayed replying. I never saw it until now, but be brave and go ahead and write a card. It will become a habit after your first one. Unfortunately, there is no youtube video on card writing, but I think you would happen to enjoy it and GED or PhD, writing a card is easy peezy :) @itiswhatitis365
I've been waiting to read this ;-;
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