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XIA Junsu xác nhận comeback ngày 19/10 với solo album

Thành viên nhóm nhạc JYJ XIA Junsu sẽ quay trở lại với album solo mới.
C-jes Entertainment ngày 2/10 đã đưa ra thông báo chính thức "Trong mùa thu tới đây, như dự kiến XIA Junsu sẽ quay trở lại với album mới và chính xác là ngày 19/10 album này sẽ xuất hiện trên các kệ đĩa".
Và thông qua Instagram công ty ( cũng đã đăng tải hình ảnh teaser của album này. Trong bức ảnh XIA Junsu xuất hiện một cách ấm áp giữa ánh nắng mùa thu cùng nụ cười nhẹ trên môi. Đặc biệt ánh mắt nhìn xa xăm của nam ca sỹ còn khiến các fan hâm mộ trở nên tò mò hơn về album sắp tới này.
XIA Junsu cũng đã nhắn gửi một vài suy nghĩ của bản thân cho sự trở lại này "Dù là lần đầu tiên trở lại vào mùa thu nhưng cùng với bầu không khí thoáng đãng thoải mái tôi đã lựa chọn những ca khúc phù hợp nhất có thể giúp mọi người rũ bỏ bớt đi sự mệt mỏi thường ngày. Và đây sẽ là một album có màu sắc hoàn toàn mới mẻ nên hy vọng là mọi người sẽ thích nó".
Ngoài ra, XIA Junsu hiện đang tích cực hoàn thành album và chuẩn bị cho tour lưu diễn Châu Á.
[Mydaily = kí giả Choi Ji Ye] [XIA Junsu. Hình ảnh = C-jes Entertainment]
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K-Idols with tattoos pt. 1
So I know in South Korea tattoos are still somewhat taboo and a very sensitive subject but as a girl with tattoos this is a topic I'm very passionate about. As I stated I have 3 tattoos so obviously I'm all for them. I don't like how they have such a bad stigma because now a days they're a form of expression and they're art. They're a form of strength, encouragement, reminders and memorials. So I kinda wanted to do a card all about k-idols (the ones I could find anyway) who went against the grain and got tattoos despite the way they're viewed. #1 Winner's Mino Meaning: "then the LORD your God will restore your fortunes and have compassion on you and gather you again from all the nations where he scattered you." I don't know the meaning of the one on his back. #2 Topp Dogg's Jenissi. Meaning: Left arm says Stop And Play and his right arm says Let Me Hit That (xD oh Jenissi) #3 Jay Park Meaning: Music, family, crew and his morals. #4 Teen Top's CAP #5 BigBang's GD Meaning: Vita Dolce means beautiful and sweet life, Moderato is a musical term meaning moderate tempo in Italian. The one on his shoulder is from one of his songs the others are unknown. #6 JYJ's JaeJoong Meaning: upper back means "The pleasure of the mighty are the tears of the poor", "hope to the end" and "a song will outlive all sermons in the memory". #7 Block B's Zico Meaning: right side of chest "John the apostle" and a portrait of his mom when she was younger on the right side of his chest #8 BAP's Bang Yongguk Meaning: left shoulder "Do what you like and luv what you do" forearm "make art not war" #9 BigBang's Taeyang Meaning: His faith, Jesus' death and resurrection across his back and a cross along his side. #10 FTISLAND's Lee Hongki Meaning: back of arms freedom, forearms skeletons and keys on shoulder. #11 Beast's Junhyung Meaning: "seize the day, put no trust in tomorrow" right forearm, "if I die tomorrow I would never regret" upper left arm and "born again still your son" right chest #12 Block B's Taeil Meaning: "777" symbols good fortune, 2 dice, MVP and LUCKY #13 BTOB's Changsub Meaning: "So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God." (Isaiah 41:10) "Do not be defeated from yourself" #14 BTOB's Ilhoon Meaning: "No one can be like God" #15 WINNER's Tae Hyun Meaning: tattoo on his right arm is the name of the artist, bat, a banana and STAY GOLD. #16 BTOB's Lim Hyunsik #17 Brown Eyed Girls Miryo #18 SISTAR's Hyorin #19 BoA
10 Idol sở hữu chất giọng đỉnh nhất (Nội bộ ngành âm nhạc Hàn Quốc bình chọn)
Những người đại diện trong ngành công nghiệp âm nhạc đã cùng cân nhắc và bỏ phiếu bình chọn cho những thần tượng sở hữu giọng hát hay nhất. Danh sách cuối cùng của TOP 10 được thống kê ngay sau đây! 1. Taeyeon 93 điểm, 22 phiếu 2. Hyorin 87 điểm, 21 phiếu 3. Xiah Junsu 51 điểm, 12 phiếu 4. Jonghyun 29 điểm, 8 phiếu 5. Jung Eunji 27 điểm, 7 phiếu 6. Taeyang 26 điểm, 7 phiếu 7. Kyuhyun 20 điểm, 6 phiếu 8. Solji 20 điểm, 5 phiếu 9. Yang Yoseob 9 điểm, 3 phiếu 10. Solar 9 điểm, 2 phiếu Nhật xét của cộng đồng mạng: - " 'I' của Taeyeon nghe có vẻ như là khó để hát Live nhưng cô ấy đã thể hiện những nốt cao tốt. Album của cô ấy tuyệt vời và xứng đáng #1" - "Taeyeon chắc chắn có thể thể hiện tốt ở đa dạng các thể loại nhạc. Từ Ballad đến rock hiện đại" - "Taeyeon xinh đẹp và giọng hát cũng vô cùng tuyệt luôn" - "Tôi chỉ mới nghe ca khúc của Taeyeon gần đây... kỹ năng hát của cô ấy rất tốt" - "Tôi thích Taeyeon, còn màu sắc giọng hát của Taeyang thì nghe hay nhất" - "Taeyeon là một ca sỹ, người cho thấy rằng không phải luôn có thể đạt đến được những nốt cao. Mặc dù cô ấy solo tốt" - "Taeyeon hát quả thực hoàn hảo. Cô ấy không phải là một thần tượng" - "Chỗ tốt nhất ở giọng hát của Taeyeon chính là nó vô cùng dễ chịu khi nghe... Cô ấy có thể hoàn thành tốt những bản ballad chuẩn và cả nhạc dance.
13 Korean Songs That Sparks Our Sexual Hormones
Lmao, what more can I say when the title says it all? I only chose these songs because they are in my playlist. There may be a lot more songs that I have no clue about. If there are more songs (which I know there are!) please comment down below. These songs are not gonna be in any particular order, I'm just numbering them to make things easier to follow through. Okay, I lied. It's gonna be ordered least sexual to most. I'm not gonna put anything except for the title, a picture, the video(s) and a snippet of the English translated lyrics. Now for the videos it is either the mv or lyric video or live, or maybe all three (if all three it's going to be, lyrics --> mv --> live). But the lyrics though... Oh my lawd. My mouth dropped so many times while reading the lyrics to each song lol. 13) BTS - House of Cards " It’s risky again, dangerous So bad (why) we’re yeah To stay strong to balance is So hard (hard) I can’t Even if I know I couldn’t stop No way, no way, no way I fall " 12) Yunho (TVXQ) - Honey Funny Bunny " Don't stop, hurry and come close to me, close your eyes tight (Oh Slow Down) Don't speak, wait just a little longer and calm my shaking hands (Oh-oh-U-wow)" 11) 2PM - A.D.T.O.Y " I can’t do anything because of you all day I think my heart has been taken away by you It’s as if you’re right next to me My head is drunk with thoughts of last night I can’t sober up, it’s all because of you, I’m going crazy, I want you I want to have you, I want to touch you I’m falling for you, deeper and deeper " 10) VIXX - Chained Up " Completely tensed up, I roll my shoulders. I simply wander around you, uh. You gaze straight through me over the whip that made me submit. (That’s right, good boy.) My breathing is rough, and when you approach and soothe me it hurts me so much (hurts so much), but I can’t turn away " 9) EXO - Lady Luck " You shine and in that moment, you ecstatically come to me Inside the spilling meteor shower (you wanted me too) Past this darkness I’ll take you as you throw the dazzling light You’re getting closer (I wait for you all night) " I'm adding both Korean and Chinese version. The lyrics differs in each one. 8) B.A.P - Body & Soul " I really want your body Even your heart that revealed the hidden me I want to check your love This feeling that you’re giving me Very slowly, with great detail I’ll touch you, I’ll touch you, I’ll touch I love everything about you, even your smallest trembles My baby, I love U Tonight " 7) Hyunseung (B2ST) (feat. Giriboy)- Ma First " Ay girl, I wanna have you in me Ay girl, that’s why I made this song I can do anything But there’s only one thing I can’t do Giving up or in other words, seeing a different girl yeah I think I’ll go completely crazy I don’t think this is a joke Can’t give you to anyone else, you will be my baby " 6) Jooyoung (feat. Super B) - Wet " Your hand pulls me like it’ll touch but not We’re black out lay down Our noisy love song Keep it going, hold tight Your red lips make Lips make me Look back at me now How you feel about that X2 Look at me now How you feel about that " 5) JYJ - Back Seat " Softly, with your arms Wrap them around my waist Sweetly, with your lips Whisper in my ear Don’t be shy Alright girl Wanna touch your body all night You want it more You trust me Follow along with me Put you on my back seat Back seat Back seat uh-woo-uh " 4) ZICO - Eureka " I wanna bungee On top of your fluffy cushion My face gets red without a drop of alcohol This is extreme realism, I’m not exaggerating Take into consideration, my expression may be vulgar Existing is disorderly conduct I can’t be a nobleman either Because of your guilt-less figure My lower body gets thrown into fits of passion Until I’ve had my fill of you " 3) Jay Park (feat. Ugly Duck) - Mommae " Even when you wear a turtleneck I can see your nice body My throat is drying So I take another sip of this cocktail My pupils are zoning out My focus is moving Because of my basic instincts My rice cake mullet has grown Getting hard as soon as I see you Your eyes are like Medusa Making my nose bleed " 2) Jay Park (feat. Okasian) - You Know " let's do a 1 on 1 I'm ready to submit get ready to get wet I'll coach you through it afterwards let go another round I relieve you of your stress the difference between us an other couple's? Our relation ship is like a cool breeze in the dark shadow's " I decided to low-key advertise Jre and Salv by putting in their cover too! 1) Changmin (TVXQ) - Heaven's Day " In my dark room, there’s only the sound of breathing that just can’t be hidden The heart fluttering feeling can’t be hidden either It feels a bit awkward, I’m already stiff Your softly batting eyelashes tickles me I want to block the light from the windows and fill you up It’ll be engraved in our hearts, heaven’s day Be my chou-cream yeah scream yeah So you can’t leave me Please take my breath away Right now, we’re yeah, scream, yeah " So... guys and girls, how did you like this card? Was it too much? Anyways, if I missed anyone (or any group) please comment down below to let me know because of course I want to listen to it! lol
Thần tượng Hàn khiến khán giả mê mẩn với hình ảnh phi giới tính
Những người không phải là fan sẽ khó có thể biết được những ngôi sao này là nam hay nữ, nếu chỉ dựa vào vẻ ngoài. 6 năm gia nhập làng giải trí, vẻ tomboy của Amber chưa bao giờ thôi là đề tài bàn tán. Đến mức, tháng 7, thành viên f(x) phải lên tiếng về ngoại hình trên blog. "Cá nhân tin rằng nam hay nữ đều không bị bó buộc với vẻ ngoài cố định nào. Vẻ đẹp đến từ mọi hình dáng và kích thước" - cô ca sĩ 23 tuổi phát biểu. Seventeen là nhóm nhạc nam mới ra mắt của Kpop, gồm 13 thành viên. Ở nhóm hip-hop, nhưng Vernon sở hữu vẻ đẹp mà bất kỳ cô gái nào cũng phải ganh tỵ. Mang dòng máu lai Hàn Quốc - Mỹ là một trong những nguyên nhân khiến Vernon đẹp đến như vậy. Seventeen không chỉ có Vernon làm người hâm mộ bối rối mà còn cả Yoon Jeong Han. Gương mặt thanh tú cộng với mái tóc dài càng khiến chàng ca sĩ sinh năm 1995 trông giống con gái. Trưởng nhóm Big Bang cũng là người nổi tiếng với phong cách unisex. Nếu nhìn thoáng qua tấm ảnh bìa của tạp chí Vogue số tháng 8/2013 sẽ khó có thể nhận thấy sự khác biệt giữa G-Dragon và cô người mẫu phía sau. Ren của NU'EST được mệnh danh là "nữ hoàng sắc đẹp". Tuy nhiên, giọng hát và khả năng vũ đạo của chàng ca sĩ 20 tuổi hoàn toàn trái ngược với hình ảnh "xinh xắn" ở đời thường. Tóc dài, mặt đẹp, khó ai có thể nghĩ rằng đây là Tae Min - "em út" và là giọng ca, người nhảy chính của nhóm nhạc nam SHINee. Hình ảnh của Jang Geun Suk ngày càng nữ tính. Đó là lý do mỹ nam You're so beautiful luôn dính tin đồn đồng tính. Trong một lần trả lời phỏng vấn của truyền thông Trung Quốc, Jang Geun Suk từng phát biểu: "Tôi không gay, tôi lưỡng tính". Tuy nhiên, đó là câu mà đến lúc này, người hâm mộ vẫn chưa biết là thật hay đùa. Là người mê thể thao, nam tính, một trong những người lập nên đội bóng toàn sao của làng giải trí Hàn Quốc nhưng trong các tấm ảnh quảng bá sản phẩm âm nhạc, Junsu luôn rất "xinh".
Kpop Idols with Tattoos (Male Edition)
Okay, so here we are again but this time it's tattoos! The forbidden taboo* of all time for S.Koreans! But as we progress through the years, the newer generations are becoming more accepting towards tattoos now than ever before. Even more so, IDOLS**, are willing to show their tattoos! Not publicly or in mvs of course. But, who can blame them! Tattoos are still a taboo, just more acceptable. Since I don't know a lot of idols with tattoos, I will be naming 14 idols with tattoos that I do know of that has tattoos. Idols have their private life too but these tattoos were shown to the world accidentally if not purposefully. Most of the idols I will be showing have shown their tattoos on purpose. _____________☆~♡☆~♡☆~♡☆_____________ * Taboo - a social or religious custom prohibiting or forbidding discussion of a particular practice or forbidding association with a particular person, place, or thing. ** Note, I will add Jay Park. Even though he is not an "idol" per say, he was one. Now he's a successful Khip-hop artist and co-ceo of AOMG. ~☆~♡☆~NOTICE~♡☆~♡~ I am numbering the idols but I am not numbering them due to anything. I am solely doing this to make it easier to follow along with. I also putted down the meaning behind their tattoos or what their tattoos say. But I didn't put down every tattoo they have on their body. Also, there are some idol (Lim Hyunsik and CAP)'s tattoos that I couldn't find the meanings to. #1 - JAY PARK One of the most well-known "idol" to have tattoos. He also has the most tattoos out of every male Kpop/hip hop person in the industry. We currently don't actually know how much tattoos he has because he said he is too lazy to count all his tattoos. Also, said getting tattoos is his stress reliever. Meaning behind tattoos and/or what they say: His tattoos all stand for his music, family, crew, and his morals. #2 - CAP (TEEN TOP) Okay, this one. CAP is my bias in Teen Top but I don't understand how he gets so much hate!!! I love him to death! So what if he has tattoos! It's his body not yours. If he wants to get tatted up, he can. This boy (man) is gorgeous with and without tattoos! K-netizens*, shut it and sit down please! Read article here on what netizens thought about Teen Top's leader CAP's tattoos. Meaning behind tattoos and/or what they say: ??? _____________☆~♡☆~♡☆~♡☆_____________ * Netizens - a user of the Internet, especially a habitual or avid one. #3 - GD (BIGBANG) I swear to god this boy has some weird tats. I love him but lol. Hey, it's his body and I can respect that at least. He is still one sexy beast Meaning behind tattoos and/or what they say: vita dolce and moderato, "vita dolce" means beautiful and sweet life, and "moderato", which means moderate tempo in Italian. (both forearms) #4 - Jaejoong (JYJ) I was quite surprised at this one. I knew he had tattoos on the front side (chest) but I did not know about his back! I can already imagine how much it must've hurt! Especially the tattoo along his spine! Omo, if I did that I probably would've passed out lol Meaning behind tattoos and/or what they say: (upper back) "The pleasure of the mighty are the tears of the poor" "Hope to the end" "A song will outlive all sermons in the memory" #5 - Zico (BLOCK B) This poor baby has a tattoo of his mama on his chest! OMFG! Love it! He also has his baptized name tatted up, along with Block B's first win and others. Meaning behind tattoos and/or what they say: "JOHN THE APOSTLE" (middle chest to the right) Portrait of his mom when she was younger (left chest) #6 - Bang Yongguk (BAP) Bruhhhhh! I can't even explain how I feel! This is my baby! He's gonna be the death of me! Since their comeback I wanted him to wear a wife beater lol He's gotta show that damn chest tattoo! 오빠! 방용국씨, 나 보고 싶다 너의 가슴 문신! 방용국 오빠 과 비에이피 화이팅! 사랑해요!! Meaning behind tattoos and/or what they say: "Do what u like and luv What u do" (left shoulder blade) "Make Art Not War" (right forearm) #7 - Taeyang (BIGBANG) His tattoos are his representation of his religion. Even though I am Shaman*, I love how he can express his feelings through tattoos. Meaning behind tattoos and/or what they say: Jesus' death and resurrection is tattooed across his back (upper back) _____________☆~♡☆~♡☆~♡☆_____________ * Shaman - a person regarded as having access to, and influence in, the world of good and evil spirits, especially among some peoples of northern Asia and North America. Typically such people enter a trance state during a ritual, and practice divination and healing. (technically, I am not a shaman but my people believe in the works of a Shaman so we call our "religion" Shaman) #8 - Lee Hongki (FTISLAND) I only found out he had these tattoos through SNS of course. And Allkpop and Koreaboo. Meaning behind tattoos and/or what they say: "Freedom" (back of both arms) 2 Skeletons (both forearms) 2 keys (right shoulder) #9 - Junhyung (BEAST) All I can say is that his tattoos have meaning to me. I love them... maybe I should get one lol Meaning behind tattoos and/or what they say: "seize the day, put no trust in tomorrow" in Latin (right forearm) "If I die tomorrow I would never regret" (upper left arm) "born again still your son" (right chest) #10 - Taeil (BLOCK B) Bad boy, cutely short and vocally amazing! Gah! I don't even care about his tattoos because I'm in love with his voice lol Meaning behind tattoos and/or what they say: "777" because 7 is a symbol of good fortune (wrist) 2 Dice, MVP and LUCKY (left forearm) #11 - Changsub (BTOB) Okay, this one I think it might've been accidental. I know he has some tattoos by now, approximately 3 I think. But when his first tattoo was shown it was on his shoulder during an episode of their reality tv show, BTOB DIARY. Meaning behind tattoos and/or what they say: "So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God." (Isaiah 41:10) (right forearm) "Don't Be Defeated From Yourself" (back) #12 - Ilhoon (BTOB) Bruhhhhh, that tattoo across his chest is deep! Meaning behind tattoos and/or what they say: "No one can be like God" (chest) #13 - Tae Hyun (WINNER) I don't know much about WINNER but when Tae Hyun came up on the search engine (when I was looking for idols with tattoos) I just had to see what it looked like. Can't believe he has a tattoo still lol Meaning behind tattoos and/or what they say: Tattoo on his arm is the name of the artist Bat (right arm) A banana and "STAY GOLD" ( left wrist) #14 - Lim Hyunsik (BTOB) Lots of people are still debating if that's a real tattoo or not because it hasn't been shown lately. Also, you can't see his tattoo unless he's bending down or has a low cut shirt. Meaning behind tattoos and/or what they say: ??? EXTRA: Former EXO-M member and leader Kris (Wu YiFan) I still can't believe they tried to cover up his tattoo up with makeup... Smh. Meaning behind tattoos and/or what they say: The design is a tribal tattoo that represents valiance and protection (left shoulder) Me, personally, I don't find tattoos offensive. I like them. I find that men with tattoos are attractive. I also think women with tattoos are gorgeous! It doesn't matter what you physically look like, as long as you love yourself and your body you're beautiful. As long as we can respect their privacy and show them love, they are still the same idol with or without tattoos. _____________☆~♡☆~♡☆~♡☆_____________ RESPECT, LOVE, GIVE & RECEIVE. I hope you guys liked this card. If I missed any male Kpop idols by chance please let me know in the comments below! 여러분!!! 화이팅!!! 사랑해요!!!