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I saw @kpopandkimchi post and I decided it would be fun to do so here it is.
The Muscle is T.O.P And I think you know why
The Brains is Onew  In his senior year in high school, Onew haed ranked as the second top student in his grade. He is currently attending Chungwoon University, his major being broadcasting music
The Scaredy Cat is Daesung He will be a great opportunity to scare the zombies and his running skills is something of value as well
The Secret Weapon is CL I feel like everybody will be surprise to see her and CL would just sweep in and save us lol Welcome the baddest female ever!!
The Co-Captain is G-Dragon from Big Bang just because I think since GD is so great with making and producing songs he would be able to help me make decisions
The Protector is Seohyun- Girl's Generation She is consider the most mature and caring out of the whole group. She will make sure to keep the whole team fed and comfortable.
This is my squad and we are ready for anything!!! Role Call Start
And G-Dragon We are ready and late @kpopandkimchi
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Interesting. Daesung has been a scaredy cat on a few cards I've seen.