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Since it's FINALLY October (aka the second best month of the year), I thought it'd be fun to make some Halloween themed cards to get us all ready :)
Even though I'm in my 20s, I still love dressing up for Halloween! I don't trick or treat anymore, but I like to get together with friends and have a great costume!!

Wanna rock Halloween with a kpop look?

Try one of these 3 for a ~creepy~ vibe, inspired by VIXX!!

1. Voodoo Doll!

Creeeeeeeppppyyyyy, right? Yes. Seriously creepy. Just watch the music video if you're not sure.
Get this look:
1. Wear all black or grey clothes, and take some thick white thread or string to make the "stitches" all over the outfit--like you're a doll!
2. Follow the video above (2nd slide) to learn how to do the makeup! You need to have KILLER makeup to make this look work.BONUS POINTS IF YOU GET THE X CONTACTS!
3. Get yourself some props! Try a Voodoo doll like VIXX has, or a Voodoo Needle/Stick! You could even make a Voodoo Doll yourself by following the tutorial above (3rd slide).


Who doesn't want to be a robot who can't remember anything and/or is struggling with the loss of someone they love not being able to remember? No? Just me?
Anyways, here's how to get the look:
1. Choose a member to mirror your makeup after, then follow the first video to figure out how to actually create the look! If you choose Ken, that's who she followed ^^
2. Choose an outfit! You could choose to wear all black or black and white to keep it simple since the main thing here is the makeup, or you could choose a jacket that has silver on it to look more like their "robot" bodies like the second pic above!
BONUS: Paint some sort of "Mechanical" parts onto your arm or something for a bigger shock effect ^^

3. On & On

The classic dark VIXX look!! On and On wasn't exactly "scary," but they were vampires and that can be creepy. Plus, those contacts are cah-razy!
Become a vampire like VIXX by:
1. Get yourself a black jacket and tie to wear over a white shirt to get the basic look!
2. If you can, adorn it with some gems or round circle pieces to make it look more like this.
3. THEN!!! Follow this AWESOME tutorial (there's english subs) to get the makeup right. The makeup here is the most important part :)
Be sure to wear either yellow contacts, or just a color that will stick out to make your eyes look special!

Tell me what other "concepts" or groups you'd want to try for Halloween, and I'll come up with some more ideas!

Sexy, sweet, girly, Big Bang, tough guy, BTS, whatever! :D
Just let me know and I'll try help you brainstorm <3