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DIY glitter phone charger

I can't be the only one that gets frustrated with the fact that all chargers look the same, and you can't ever tell which one is yours? Well this DIY tutorial fixes that problem and adds a little bit of flair and sass to your electronic life. This DIY project comes from the creative people at Love Feast Table.


For this project, you will need:
-- Mod Podge
-- Glitter (in any color you want)
-- Paintbrush
-- Clear sealant (optional)
You can find all of these at a craft store.

Paint the Mod Podge on the charger ends

Use the paintbrush to paint the Mod Podge on the ends of the chargers. Make sure you don't get the Mod Podge on the parts that go into the plug or the parts that go into your phone. You can wrap tape around those parts to ensure no Mod Podge or glitter gets on them.

Glitterize the charger

Yes, I just made up a word, and it's glitterize. Pour some glitter on a piece of newspaper or a paper plate and roll the charger in the glitter until it is completely covered. Then let the Mod Podge completely dry. If you want to add more protection to your charger, spray the glittered parts with the clear sealant spray. Then, remove the pieces of tape that you used to protect the electronic parts.

Step back and admire your unique phone charger!

For more DIY projects for your home or apartment, check out the "DIY home" collection!
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