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So, I came across a fun little challenge for October that starts off with creating our own Zombie Survival Squad with members from KPop bands! Well, well, well. Since I don't listen to a LOT of different bands, you may see some from the same group. But oh whale. Let's get hunting! Here's the list if you want to do your own! 1. The Muscle 2. The Brains 3. The Scaredy Cat 4. The Secret Weapon 5. The Protector/Mother 6. The Co-Captain


Just look at this man. I don't think this choice needs exaplaining.


I don't know, man. I trust him with my life. As long as he's not in charge of Quick Time reactions and fashion, I'm good. He's so smart. So deep. So wise. I think he'd make excellent plans.


There was a huge contest between BamBam and JHope but I think RapMon would fare better with JHope being on our squad. It'd gjve him a more incessant need to protect. Have you seen Rap Monster get defensive of his boys? YIKES. Scary.


This is my personal favorite. I was torn slightly between two people but I'm so happy with my choice. Woozi is the most fearsome little shit alive. He will wreck you. And he's small* in stature with a cute** little face and can get places quickly. Perfect weapon. * do not call him small, this triggers his rage. ** do not call him cute; see above explanation.


Hands down Jin. He can be so fiesty when it comes to making sure his loved ones are safe and he'll be damned if he lets someone go without eating. Perfect Jin is PERFECT.


Although I bet he'd be a better captain than me, this was an obvious choice! Hakyeon is a total born leader and he'd be an excellent worker alongside Namjoon when it came to helping decide what to do when in a crisis.
@ChelseaJay here u go~
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omg we both chose namjoon as brains lmfao. but your team is so cute. i love it.
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@ChelseaJay omg NAMJOON IS SO SMART THO. It was actually between him and Woozi but I wanted to use Woozi as my secret weapon. And then I was conflicted because aLSO LEO.
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interesting choices
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@kpopandkimchi here you go~ sorry for forgetting to tag you and let you know!
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