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IU recently had a chat with her fans at an event to celebrate the release of her album. On May 14, IU enjoyed chatting with her fans through me2day mobile chat for over 50 minutes starting around 6 o’clock in the evening. They talked about the short music movie, which was released for IU’s new album and drew a lot of attention. Even though IU is keeping busy preparing for her concert, she had a wonderful time talking with her fans. She said that she went to Burano Island in Italy to shoot the music movie and the Island was very pretty. She also said that she wrote the lyrics for “Peach” as a man thinking of f(x)’s Sulli. When she was asked about her acting career, she replied carefully, “I’m still scared of selecting my next work.” IU said that she is a fan of first generation idol group god. When one of her fans wrote the group name as ‘GOD,’ she said that the group name has to be written in small letters and fans are very sensitive about it. After the chat, IU posted a picture of her wearing a cat-ear hairband while frowning. IU will tour Korea and hold her exclusive concert Real Fantasy in June. She released her new single Spring of a Twenty Year Old and ranked first with her title song “Every End of the Day.” Source: Xportsnews via