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These two teams really, really don't like one another.

It's no secret. For years, the Phillies beat the crap out of the Mets. And the Mets could do nothing about it.
Now, it's the Mets' turn, and the Phillies aren't going down easy.
The Mets have been beating the snot out of the Phils - probably the league's worst team - all season. Coming into this series, the Mets had beaten Philadelphia in nearly every game the two teams played this season. The Mets have made a living this season beating up on the league's worst teams (not that anyone really minds - I mean, wins are wins) and the Phillies weren't going to take it anymore.
Things got chippy in game 2, when there were three hit batters and nearly a fourth as Hansel Robles was ejected for nearly hitting Darren Ruf in the head. It looked like the pitch slipped, but after three batters had already been hit and both teams had been warned, Robles was in the wrong, no question about it.
Manager Terry Collins also got thrown out on Wednesday.
It looked all series like the Phillies, eliminated from contention months ago, were trying their best to get their hated rivals heated up in a meaningless game. They wanted to pester the Mets and they frankly did a good job of getting under their skin.

What I didn't appreciate was when they hit star Yoenis Cespedes. That's not cool.

You don't mess with another team's best player, especially not when you are far from the playoffs. Let the good teams handle their business at this time in the season, and stay out of it.
I'm just happy the series is over. No more getting under the Mets' skin. Hopefully they can rebound and win the series with the Nationals without getting into trouble.

They could use some momentum going into the playoffs after that ugly three game set with Philadelphia.

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Agreed. I understand the rivalry and all, but no need to hit each other. That's just going to spark things up more and translate over to next season, which isn't good for both teams.