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My friend sent me this last night knowing my obsession with Harley and I figured I should share with my fellow Vinglers. As, I'm sure, many of you know, director David Ayer will have the insane femme fatale in his Suicide Squad film which is scheduled for a 2016 release. Personally, I prefer Axel Braun's version. LOL. How about the rest of you? What do you think, @shannonl5?
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@shannonl5 XD XD XD
@DanRodriguez to be fair, he was kind of the worst... I'm amazed I didn't get fired XD
He must have been the worst, @shannonl5. I mean, you're like so cool. He deserves that title, for sure.
@DanRodriguez aww you're too kind! Haha he was pretty disrespectful. I can usually deal with it if it's just me, but it was everyone, and I was pretty defensive of the people I was working with. I'm glad I'm not stuck there anymore! Freelancing is kind of unreliable but at least I'm my own boss!
I feel like this taught me that there's a lot of porn people in the Marvel fandom lol.