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what do i like about each member? ((also, im sorry for my inconsistancy, im at comic con)
first up: leo GOD THIS MAN IS PERFECT IN EVERY WAY SHAPE AND FORM. he is gentle, sweet, shy, affectionate when he wants to be....perfect voice....just....UGH.
secondly: Ravi i see him as the....well the rapper to put it any bluter. he likes hip hop and all things cool. he really is a nice guy (and he has a perverted side even if he says he doesnt....just like me)
thirdly: N he is the fun, yet stern leader of the group. i like him because he could be a role modle and even if he gets teased a lot, he stays strong.
fouthly: Ken in all honesty, ken is my least favorite member. but i do like him! he is a playful little puppy. ((sorry i dont have a pic of him by himself..... ;-; ))
fithly: hongbin he seems...the more serious face of the group. but he is playful and can be really funny as well!
and last but not least, hyuk he is just so fuckin adorable. look at him. he is sexy and cute and playful and just AHHHHH
but anyway, that finishes it up. hope it doesnt make anyone angry. i am the most inconsistant person gosh