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Guys I get that kdramas are weird for those who don't like them but WHY??? I had a "friend" in my English class and we were talking about something (don't remember) and kdrama come out in the conversation, he told me he saw My love from another star and with other words he told me it was shit and say Hispanic telenovelas were better, no to offend those who like it but ARE YOU FOR REAL. I get so annoyed, I though he was nice, he likes anime like me and he was cool. If you don't like it then don't watch it. Is EASY This could happen to anyone and I just want to say, if it does don't get annoyed. I learned today that is not worth it, I still got my bf and my mom who is staring to love kdramas
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The thing with kdramas is that each person has different taste and maybe he didn't like "My Love From Another Star" but he would probably would of liked an action kdrama or something else. Also, the thing with Novelas (Hispanic Dramas) is that they go on forever and go around in circles for no reason in my point. As to Kdramas they are a lot shorter and in my point the actors are way better! Some story lines or plots in kdramas are just like WOW too! You just have to find the right one that suits your interest. Like everything there is a variety.