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#5 Drama Jang ok Jung The song is very beautiful his voice is amazing The love of the two main leads you can truly feel by watching. However(spoiler) The drama ending was so terrible I still can't get over it That's why it's at 5
#4 High school love on The drama is great I recommend it there were very few moments when I was bored.
#3 Taiwanese drama , Murphy's law of love Has to be one of the best songs ever lol I love Gj's voice The drama is ok it can repetitive and sometimes hard to pay attention to.
#2 My girl One of the cutest dramas ever it's by far one of my favorites and it has many great ost's!! It's a classic if you haven't watched it Start now!!
and finally #1 Driving me crazy in the Drama MASTERS SUN The masters sun is on of the very best dramas I've watched it has a story plot that's intriguing, I recommend this drama I finished it in 1 day!! Thank you for your patients with my drama recommendations I'll do more soon:)
out of these 5 I have to say Master Sun is my number one. Jang Ok Jung could have been number 2 but because of the damn ending... I say it's last for me as well... . high school love on is great but it does need some work on acting... so it's a three for me... which means My Girls is number two. Lastly, I haven't seen Murphy's law.. and I don't think I would watch it anyways. So there you go... my top 4. BTW... there's plenty of great drama out there right now... these are "used to" be the greatest drama... I can't say legendary drama but... well worth the watch though.
High school love on that ost is my favorite in the whole drama
@Ambie it's mine to I love them together :)