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I'm not sure what happened with these results but I guess luck just wasn't on my side this time lol. So I've decided to eat a bowl of lucky charms before every challenge I do. For good measure.
This is basically how I felt when I first saw my results. But as I look over them over they were actually not that bad. They could've been better but...yeah. Here they are!!
Umm friends with benefiets?? Lol it started off so great... Lol I had such high standards.
This game was just building up the tension so much lol..
Ohhh I'm flattered *blush* You don't have to keep it secret man! But just not in front of Dongwoo
Ummmm.....why? I appreciate all this attention but why?
Well not at all surprising since he admires me lol awww he's so cute
With ur voice, is that even a question??? Of course I would. *By this time I had given up on getting Dongwoo* So I was being optimistic
I'm jealous too honey!!! You never showed up when I wanted you too!!? *This destroyed me*
Awww...well that's nice of you. Thanks for the song.
But wait..this song is about how much u find me annoying. Well then I'll take that as a rejection from you I guess
Well as it turned out being on tour with someone for a while can really change ur look on a person. We grow closer and closer until I decided Dongwoo was a lost cause *Dongwoo still continued to have a special place in my heart*
I could've used a bit more luck on this one guys but hopefully next time it'll be a little better. Now I'm off to buy some lucky charms!! Maybe with chocolate milk @allischaaff ;)
@wllmvns I plan on it! I'm bringing my blankie and snacks for everyone!
@AimeeH Thank you. Tune in for Part 2 of the Big Bang Screenshot Story tonight :)
This was cute!! Thank you! ^●^