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so i was tagged on two things... i was tagged in 30 Day K♡pop Challenge!!! by @Starbell808 >>>Here<<<< ....and... Hello BTS Overdrive 30 day Challenge by @amobigbang >>>Here<<<< ....so i wanted to try something out i hope its okay....
I dont know if its okay with both of you but for @Starbell808 my favorite boy group is BTS and im explain why to @amobigabang.....you guys get why i did the challenges together?.....i hope its okay...
Well first BTS is my favorite and i mean MY ULTIMATE FAVORITE GROUP i just love them so much!
i love everyone personality...everyone is unique in their own way and they are all super weird i love that about them.....this the main thing that made me fall for BTS....their personality
i love how they love what they do and do it beacuse they want to....and how their family friends and fans are more important than anything in the world.....i love how caring they are
i love how the play around with each other.....i know the play really rough and by that i mean they hit each other, push each other, and the call each other name....they can say the meanest thing and they might go along with it or make a whole story or explain why they are like that....i love how they dont take it serious cause they know they are just playing around.....you get me??
but they also know when to get serious when the time to get serious come to place.....i really can relate to alot of this they do together.....my group of friends (@StarBabes, @StephyBAP, and others that don't have vingle) act just like bts we are as crazy as them..
i also love how they dont care what people say about them.....like they dont put a fake image out to the public.....they are just them...they even are as crazy as they are in a interview
BTS was the group that kept me in kpop......and thanks to them im a kpoper (thanks @StarBabes)
While i was getting into kpop there was a bit of some family problems going on.......lets just say i spent Christmas in my room with my sister.....well while stuff was going on the only thing that made me ignore the world and just go in my own world was kpop i would always BTS bombs and still today they make smile....so when ever i feel down i watch BTS bombs or just listen to my music......this also a main reason i love them they always know how to make me smile and make my day even tho they dont know they just did or who i am :)
But most importantly i love them because they are one big family.....we are one big family :[]
so my this was my 30 Day K♡pop Challenge!!! by @Starbell808 and BTS 30 day Challenge by @amobigbang
thank you for tagging me guys i love you <3 :[]
@amobigbang you like it ^u^ thank you :[]
Awesome @B1A4BTS5ever 😄😄😄
@Starbell808 yay cool :[]
@B1A4BTS5ever u r so welcome. and its fine wit me.
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