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B.A.P has finally released their album and music video for “One Shot“! The music video is reported to have cost 1 billion KRW (approximately 910,000 USD). The entire filming process took over 100 hours, and the boys filmed in both Korea and Philippines on 10 different sets. The music video features the giant robot and spaceship as seen during “Warrior” and “Power“, and also features a Matoki statue that weighs over 500 kgs along with a tank. B.A.P has had a different characteristic dance for every performance, and the boys have yet another masculine dance move to take over fans’ hearts. The boys also turned into gangsters for the music video, which is 7 minutes long and includes 3 different songs. The members are said to have all participated in the theme, concept, and even the lyrics writing for the song, making the the title track even more meaningful. source : allkpop