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So story time! Dongwoo and I had been best friends since the start of high school. I had known him for 5 years now and we had become very close. I had another friend Myungsoo or as he liked to be called 'L' and ever since I met him I had had a crush on him However he had already got a girlfriend and it crushed me when he told me he had a girlfriend. Now every day when I got to school I would see the both of them acting all cute. One day, about a year ago, I started to get messages and gifts from what seemed like a secret admirer. And to this day that person has not revealed themself. Little did I know it was my best friend Dongwoo who was my secret admirer. Now at the current time I was sitting in school listening to my teacher drone on about rubbish. I was about to fall asleep (I was that bored) then suddenly a ball of paper is thrown at my head. I picked my head up and looked around for the culprit. I locked eyes with Dongwoo and he pointed to the ball of paper. I cautiously picked it up and opened it. The piece of paper had something written on it. It said -Coffee shop after school? - Dongwoo. I looked back at him and at the same time he looked back at me. I nodded my head at him signalling it was a yes. School had finished (finally!). Dongwoo grabbed my arm and dragged me out the door. We got to the coffee shop and ordered what we wanted. We took a seat and waited for our coffee to come. When it came the waiter looked at me and started flirting with me. He was pretty cute so I decided to flirt back. Forgetting that Dongwoo was there me and the waiter flirted (a lot) and ended up getting each other's numbers. After we had finished our coffee and paid we walked out and walked back home. We walked together seen as we didn't live to far away from each other. When I got home my phone pinged signalling that I had a message. I looked at my phone and realised the message was from the waiter at the coffee shop. I found out that his name was Woohyun. We texted each other until the early hours of the morning. When I woke up the next day I turned my phone on and realised that I had a message from Woohyun saying that he wanted to take me out on a date tonight. I said ok and we ended up going to a movie. On my way home from the movies (it was very dark) a group of what looked to be thugs walked up to me and started harassing me. One of them grabbed my arm tightly and wouldn't let go. I screamed for help and before I know it a guy who I didn't know punched the guy who had a grip on me and scared the other guys away. The guy then turned to me and saw I had tears in my eyes. He quickly grabbed me and pulled me tight into his chest. He then caressed my back in a soothing way and the tears started flowing from my eyes. When he realised I had stopped crying he let go of me. He told me he would walk me home so he knew I was safe. As we walked back we had a chat and got to know each other. We arrived at my house and he asked for my phone number. Of course I gave it to him and thanked him again for what he did. His name was Sungyeol and he became one of my very close friends. As I walked back from school one day Sungyeol jumped out from a small alleyway and scared me! I told him not to do that! He told me he wanted to tell me something so we walked back to my house. On the way back to my house he suddenly came out with some amazing news! He told me he was taking me on my dream vacation to South Korea. He told me to start packing seen as we would be going at the end of the week! He also told me he had talked to my parents and they agreed to let me go. They also said they would sort it out with the school. So the end of the week came around so quick it was hard to believe. The next minute we were on the plane travelling from London to South Korea. I was so excited! We decided to talk and get to know each other even more. I now know he is in a boy group called Infinite. This boygroup had 7 members in it including Sungyeol. He told me they were going on tour soon and wanted to take me with him! I was over the moon and quickly replied with a yes I'll go with you! So I joined him on tour. When we were on tour I met this guy called Sungkyu who was the leader of Infinite. I immediately clicked with him and we couldn't stop talking with each other. Sungyeol of course got a bit jealous and thought Sungkyu was out to steal me, his friend, away from him (which wasn't his intentions in the first place). When I got back to school I saw Dongwoo. He was very pleased to see me and asked where I'd been. I of course told him. After I had told him he suddenly changed subject. He started talking about my secret admirer... and to my dismay he revealed himself to be it. He also told me he had written a ballad for me whilst I was away. I listened to the song and of course loved it. He had such an angellic voice. After I had listened to his song Myungsoo came up to me and suprisingly asked me out. As you may have guessed I said yes. I mean he was my crush. -skip a few weeks later- Me and Myungsoo were still dating until... one day I caught him kissing his ex who he said he didn't love anymore. He noticed I was standing there watching him and gave me an evil smirk. I shouldn't have trusted him and in the end I was heartbroken. The guy Sungkyu who I had met on tour with Sungyeol had got in contact with me and told me he wanted to meet. We met up and he said he had feelings for me and wanted me to be his girlfriend. I said ok. We were going strong and on our 3 year anniversary we went out for dinner. There was a couple dancing which distracted me from Sungkyu. When I turned around there he was on one knee with a ring in his hand. I put my hand over my mouth and gasped out of shock. My eyes started to well up and he asked me the question of will i marry him. I said yes through muffled sobs. I cried happy tears. A few months later we got married and a year after that we had twins. A little boy and girl.
@OleysaSencen awww thank you! That's sweet of you to say
Nice story!! I loved it!!
@ChelseaJay yeah I did. I was thinking how things were going to pan out and kept on writing different sentences then thinking nope I don't like that
That's a nice amount of time. You definitely put some thought into how things would go.
@AimeeH Aww that's good then.
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