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Attention please everyone knows GD is gossip man, and spreading today's gossip. But today is Friday so we're wrapping up the week, and I want you guys to end it happily :) (There's no official MV for this song :P) I hope you guys really like this song and decide to check out GD's and Big Bangs music (And possibly become a VIP)
Emergency emergency emergency emergency [Chorus] Hey man, what is today’s gossip I can’t be quiet for even a day, why, why me Everybody attention please I am gossip man Ladies and gentlemen ho, they call me gossip man, you know You know, everyone knows, actually, it’s not Today at a cafe, to a girl she said she got hit in the face with water Yesterday at a street, to some guy, said she kicked him with her feet Who, me? No, lie My rumor is asexual, the many eyes are too scary Now, this much is funny, in the past, I cried a lot All the more, the mouths swelled even more The thoughts longer, the words lessened The world cried at my life Because you’re cool – yes I am cool cool I also enjoy it, yeah could be fun Yeah in this boring world, if one of me makes it more joyful Say Superman, Batman, like XO gossip man [Chorus] At school, at the office, at work, even at home VCD radio MP3 hot news magazine too I'm waiting for something in a boring life Now, the story prepared for today is coming Today, the reporters pen will catch fire Do you see the search engine ranking Many netizens fingers are getting tired The situation is more serious, our world is a hot pot If you blink your eye, it should cool down You hand, do your thang, conduct zero, do my thang Because you’re cool – yes I'm cool cool I also enjoy it, yeah could be fun Yeah in this world where its hard to live, if one of me comforts you Say Superman, Batman, like XO gossip man [Chorus] Why do you have so many words What exactly are you so curious about Your own world, unnecessary controversy Don't be concerned and get up, go on, let him go
If you're a VIP tell me what your favorite song G-DRAGON
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It's hard to pick just one song by GDragon. If I had to pick one I would say Crooked. It's so relatable.