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These are my EXO Boyfriend Screenshot Results @panouvang Let's just say I get around lol
Yay!! Kyungsoo ur so cute. No wonder we're best friends. I can't resist ur squisheness!!
Cute, funny, and playful. Yes we would cause so much chaos and mess around with Kyungsoo the most :D Plus he's so tall <3
Okay we still got that nice pattern going on so that's sweet.
OMG!!!!!! YASSSSS!!!!! I'm a sucker for the silent, smoking hot, cool guys like Sehun. Please can I just keep him?
Nvm... kick Sehun out bc Lay has entered the building. Don't ruin this for me again game!!
Ummmm....I can definitely go for that. No complaining here. Sorry Lay but just look at him!!
I mean...I wouldn't be against it. And we did date for like a year
Oh My Chen??!!!! Well if u want to..
Yassss!!!!! I can work with that. Lay would be an awesome father and husband.
How I feel about my results right now^^^ I like it lol.