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My Cosplay Closet

Wuh! I have all these cosplay! What to dooo~ I also cant fit a few anymore, but I still have em. I dunno why I cant sell em. I treasure em I suppose... Cosplays I Own: Belphegor (Misteor Ver.) -Katekyo Hitman Reborn [Doesnt fit] Soi Fon -Bleach [No longer wear] Haruhi Suzumiya -The Meloncholy of Suzumiya Haruhi Link -Legend of Zelda OOT [Unfinished] Tooru Honda -Fruits Basket Sakura Haruno -Naruto [ No longer wear] Cloud Strife -Final Fantasy 7 [Unfinished] Youji Sagan -Loveless [No longer fits] Rivaille Ackerman -Attack on Titan [Unfinished] Mikoto -Final Fantasy 9 [Unfinished] Zess -Uragiri Boku no Namae wo Shitteru [Doesnt fit]
Omg you have soi fon, and youji, omg! I'm jealous I've been looking for them online,and looking uo how to make cosplay xc.
@enhasa if I remember correctly yumi king has different things you can do and make to store your cosplay in im not entirely sure tho but she has a nice channel on different cosplay diys if anything
I know link, soi ton, haruhi suzumiya,tooru Honda, aakura haruno, cloud strife, Levi rivaille, and mikoto
@MayFandoms Which ones? :0 @Gracielou0717 Yup. All in my closet. @hikaymm Oo~ Which cosplays you got? And yes. I plan yo finish her. I only have a few more left on it and she'll be done~
HOLY MOLYYYYY I miss my cosplay closet. Most of my cosplays are at my parents house becasue I've been moving around a lot. Are you still planning on finishing the Mikoto? @Enhasa
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