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Wuh! I have all these cosplay! What to dooo~ I also cant fit a few anymore, but I still have em. I dunno why I cant sell em. I treasure em I suppose... Cosplays I Own: Belphegor (Misteor Ver.) -Katekyo Hitman Reborn [Doesnt fit] Soi Fon -Bleach [No longer wear] Haruhi Suzumiya -The Meloncholy of Suzumiya Haruhi Link -Legend of Zelda OOT [Unfinished] Tooru Honda -Fruits Basket Sakura Haruno -Naruto [ No longer wear] Cloud Strife -Final Fantasy 7 [Unfinished] Youji Sagan -Loveless [No longer fits] Rivaille Ackerman -Attack on Titan [Unfinished] Mikoto -Final Fantasy 9 [Unfinished] Zess -Uragiri Boku no Namae wo Shitteru [Doesnt fit]
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HOLY MOLYYYYY I miss my cosplay closet. Most of my cosplays are at my parents house becasue I've been moving around a lot. Are you still planning on finishing the Mikoto? @Enhasa
@MayFandoms Which ones? :0 @Gracielou0717 Yup. All in my closet. @hikaymm Oo~ Which cosplays you got? And yes. I plan yo finish her. I only have a few more left on it and she'll be done~
I know link, soi ton, haruhi suzumiya,tooru Honda, aakura haruno, cloud strife, Levi rivaille, and mikoto
@enhasa if I remember correctly yumi king has different things you can do and make to store your cosplay in im not entirely sure tho but she has a nice channel on different cosplay diys if anything
Omg you have soi fon, and youji, omg! I'm jealous I've been looking for them online,and looking uo how to make cosplay xc.