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I've been writing fanfics for a while and lately I feel like I'm going through writers block for my Nalu fanfic 馃槶 I need ideasssss
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@delaneygarner but they're already canon. Also Lisanna was gone for a long period of time though she may have been his first love, Lucy and Natsu's relationship is stronger no matter what. Natsu and Lucy's chemistry is more apparent than his and Lisanna's. Also Lisanna wants Lucy and Natsu to be together as well. I mean even the author himself prefers Natsu and Lucy together, which caused him to tell us in an interview their child would be bars Nashi
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I have been watching the anime series... and I really want t I see them kiss already... just a saw gajeel and Navi kiss on the last episode... but want to see them... <3 <3
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if you tag me in your nalu fanfics I can help. ^-^
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