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Like most, it took me awhile to create this card because I had so many turn offs. Although I felt rather compelled to list them all, I chose for the sake of everyone's well being and energy -- I would keep it short and sweet.
The lovely @allischaaff tagged me in this amazing card [see hers here]. If i'm turned off you will definitely know. I don't beat around the bush much, so, let's get down to business. The verdict is in ladies and gentleman.

A Non-Chivalrous Man

A guy who doesn't have a chivalrous bone in his body. I mean I get it, chivalry is so called dead -- but it doesn't have to be. If I have to constantly remind you to hold the door for me or simple things like that, you're not the one.

A Sloppy Man

No, it's not attractive. No, you're not hood. No, just no. I might not be your mother, but I have absolutely no problem telling you to pull up your pants.

A Hardcore Party Animal

It's okay to go out and party every now and then, but if that's your weekend routine -- get a life. There is so much more to life. Call me old, but pick up a book or something.

A Non-Intellect

I enjoy intellectual conversations. Let's talk about something besides what they posted on The Shade Room or MediaTakeOut earlier today. Let's talk about our dreams, goals and what we plan to do to make them happen.

Over The Top Cornball

It's okay to be corny, trust me, I enjoy a good laugh. But if I notice that you're trying way too hard to be funny I'm going to have to say "to the left, to the left". Just let it flow. Either you're funny or you're not. Don't force it. Fake laughing is not fun.

A Nonchalant Man

If you show absolutely no feelings, why are we even involved with one another? Act like you care or get the stepping!

Lack Of Ambition

If you're sitting at home doing absolutely nothing with your life, but you expect me to pursue you -- you have another thing coming. It's okay to still be living at your momma's house. It's okay to still be in school getting your degree and it's okay, if your car has been in the shop for almost a year and you catch the bus everywhere, but please, please, please do something with yourself.

A Disrespectful Man

You know what. Scratch that. You can be corny. You can be a party animal and you can even lack a bit of ambition, but what you won't be is disrespectful. Respect is just the minimum and I expect so much more than just a little.

I had to cut that short because I could've continued forever.

I don't ask for much though, or maybe I do. But I deserve it.
@danidee ha! Isn't that the truth. I went out for one night over the weekend and I'm Still exhausted!
Lmao, we're not in college anymore, guy. Put the jungle juice down.
Exactly! I am so over that lifestyle. That screams "young boy" to me. I don't want that. @danidee
Omg, I can't handle constant weekend partiers too. Call me old, but I don't really have the energy to be getting drunk every weekend lol.
@danidee lol I guess so... I'm ok with it.
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