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Alright so about to months ago i decided to draw Goku
But I had forgotten to share it with you guys
But besides that I'm working on another project
And the goal is to merge a bunch of Dragon Ball characters into one, something sort of like the the picture above Is there any specific characters that you guys think I should include in it? (Villains, Heros, I'll even include the farmer if you want lol)
These are so cool! I love both of them! <3
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I'm doing a drawing like that one hahaha cool drawing
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@AlexisUlloa Thank you :) When you're done, if you decide to post it on Vingle. Can you tag me? I'd love to see it :)
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I gave the drawing to my friend sorry and I'm really sorry for being so daam late my bad
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@AlexisUlloa it's okay :)
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