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so I was scrolling the internet last night and I came across this! lol now we all know his true mental age!
no his mental age is 1 cause hes cute and childish sorry kookie and jimin I still love u both lol omg look v its ur face that made me pop up here lol jk jk
@GauhuaYang lol I believe it xD sometimes he makes me question if he even has a mental age cause he's just cray cray lol
@kmeier230 I know I met him at a fan meeting onece and I told him hes to childish for his age and hes like ani I know and I was like lol are u 1 and jimin who was next to him said yes hes 1 and yeah I burst into laughter lol
@Gauhua Yang you're lucky that you talked to him in person