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So, the Exo challenge. Since there are 31 days in October do a random card for the 31st day!
Day 1: Exo K bias My Exo K bias is the one and only Oh Sehun. I mean look at him, he's freaking adorable!!
Day 2: Exo M bias Even though he's a scaredy cat, my Exo M bias is the cute Gucci loving panda Tao. I know he's not in Exo anymore but he was still part of Exo so I'm just gonna keep him as my Exo M bias.
Lol I want to do this so bad but I'm already doing like 6 already. I'll try
@wllmvns Lol, don't force yourself. There's time for everything. I have a feeling with all these challenges I'm doing so far, I'm going to be a week behind on all of them ㅋㅋㅋ