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OK guys. I'm a fresh individual artist who has a deadpool obsession. recently I've been having mental blocks instead of sessions of mental insanity like i should while drawing this intricate zany insane hero. So I'm turning inspiration to you guys. I will upload my finished drawings for you to see of course and i will be renting booth space for Indiana and Cincinnati possibly more comic cons to sell exclusively deadpool merchandise and copies of my drawings inspired by dp fans across the world as well as some 1st concept drawings. Of course the booth will be ran an operated by none other than DP himself! that's right me. deadpool... which approves of the ideas of this young go getter and also encourages you to give him batshit crazy ideas of what to draw me doing, or possibly who to have me killing... which of course stretches out from the marvel universe. I mean why differentiate? I personally want a mural for deadpool kills the power rangers. Which he has already promised me and is progress of doing this whilst locked in a basement somewhere surrounded by deadly and dangerous things.... plenty enough to draw the inspiration from those right? SO START WITH YOUR IDEAS PEOPLE!
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not bad. maybe web blasting peter parker to the back of a pest control vehicle. i like that idea!
Oooh if you're looking for drawing ideas I would love to see Deadpool trying to use Spider-man's web launchers (from back when he didn't just *have* the ability to make webs)
@dustinparson that would be hilarious!
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