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That afternoon, with the wind in your mother's hair. I smiled as I watched you two talk back and forth and smile back at me in the rear-view mirror. I looked out the window and in the middle of no-where, couldn't think of anywhere else I'd rather be.
I sat at brunch with your family and couldn't help but feel happy staring at a man you cared deeply for as I searched his face, deciphering what qualities he has that you also had.
We had to be the youngest people in the place.
The place felt like someone you sort of knew's cabin, off the lake, catering to you, cooking you up breakfast. Eating something termed "tacklebox" and watching the gleam in your eye as you talked about it being tradition to get that here, I couldn't but help feel like I had stumbled upon a secret treasure.
My phone vibrated, I had a text message. I had a text message from you. I looked up at you and smiled.
We were still kids.
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I love that last line "We were still kids" it makes it so irreverent. This was a lovely piece.