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Apparently, somewhere on the internet, there are a boatload of Jake Gyllenhaal asking each other: how tall is Jake?

No, they don't discuss his next movie, or how much they loved his last role, they are wanna know how tall Jake is.
Odd.. yes. Even Odder, the good folks on Late Night television got us the answer.
Conan decided to get to the bottom of the Jake Gyllenhaal height discussion by bringing him out for measure.
I have to say, this was an odd but incredibly cool and funny segment. I wonder how they convinced him to do this. Regardless this was awesome.
And for those who want to know the site obsessed with his height, is was celebrity heights... for those who like to debate people's heights and such.. uh huh.
@allischaaff exactly. I do, too, in general. It still isn't That important to me, though. If we were dating, then maybe I'd ask him how tall he is. But we're not!! So why do I care? Spoiler: I don't. :P
@ButterflyBlu agreed. Weird that this matters that much to people. I like a tall guy and all, but I can acknowledge the fact that I'm prooobably never going to meet Jake Gyllenhaal. So why does it matter? Lol
I hear Jake Gyllenhaal is a pretty chill guy. He probably didn't mind doing this. :) I agree that it's weird that so many people like to debate and obsess over such things.
@danidee I didn't peep his sock game.. interesting, lol..
Am I the only one who noticed that he's wearing oddly adorable socks for a grown man? He must've known he'd have to take his shoes off...
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