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Hi guys, soooo I write fanfics and if you want to read them, I share an account with my friends so our user name is MariCrisAl on Wattpad, I take requests as well. I have one on 20 lines that is also on Wattpad, it's a Jelsa one. Btw it's pretty mature, so if you're not like 15-16+ probably not for you. 馃槀 but my other ones are perfectly fine, otherwise you will be warned in the summary xD
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awesome! another watt pad user ^.^ I can't wait to read your story. my us: candywriter233 I write a fan fiction of snow white along with a bunch of other short stories.
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.... I'll have to check it out then. lol
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Never heard of wattpad either, definitely check it out, I'm one of TheDustSisters on
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I'm PiaNo_it_all on Wattpad!! ^^
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hey i love writing anime fanfics
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