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So I have been thinking lately of getting a projector, some screens and some speakers setting them up somewhere and hold kpop music deal for fans that want to just get together with other kpoppers and enjoy each other company and the amazing music. Cause it really sucks not being able to afford the ticket to concerts and hotel. So I kinda want to do this, now it's just an idea, it might take some time to get the thing to do so but I think it would be really fun and neat to be able to do this. Idk what do y'all think??
That would be awesome!!! I have a setup kind of like that already but we watch movies because my friends aren't into k-pop except for one.
cool idea!
I know it be a lot of work but once I got it set up, I think it be cool! And yes that's what I'm thinking!
Well that seems pretty simple and cool. You would only need a big screen, something to hold it down. Then the speakers and the wires you can just tape them to the ground around the edges. The projector and laptop in the back as shown in the picture. & you can decorate around how ever you would like. That's a smart idea to do especially to share the same interest and have fun as kpoppers! ^.^
That seems really cool! Especially if you're planning to do it as shown on that picture outdoors.
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